T T'ai Chi Illustration ai-Chi QIGong...an ancient secret of Chinese culture, formerly reserved for the noble Mandarins and monastery monks, is now available to every person in China, and can be done by all the people of the world.

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The exercise in both physical and mental relaxation does re-energize you every time.                                      

       Correctly  incorporating  ,  Acupucture techniques    with  these  Qi-Gong  ,and Tai-Chi  , goes beyond re-energise.

       These  alternative healing  aspects  can  be  specific to your health  !                                                            CALL  404.488-8383

The movements are controlled, slow and continuously flowing; the entire Tai-Chi form can take as little as seven minutes, or as long as an hour to practice, equally by both the young and old.

Applying established techniques of relaxation, Tai-Chi revitalizes you, totally, enabling your entire being, body and mind to be supple and well balanced. Tai-Chi reduces stress, develops a centering of your own self to maintain and improve your overall health.

In the advanced stages, Tai-Chi can also develop your internal capacity which only few established masters can convey to you.

T'ai Chi Illustration It is said the secret of acquiring Tai-Chi is in correct instruction directly from a dedicated and established teacher. Master Cheng, a renown director of the Tai-Chi Association in U.S.A., since 1972, has been featured in most major papers and on radio and television, including an early interview with Forest Sawyer. Periodically, he still returns to the monastery for training sojourns and travels widely in China and abroad.

Tai-Chi principles are based on the elements of Chinese medical theory, in the belief that the center of the acupuncture meridian energy, "Chi", yin yang balance enhances your total well being in the wholistic way to live in harmony with your own self and with nature.

Trained in the famous Ching Wu WooShu as well as in the monastery and in the tradition of masters... Master Cheng has achieved cross-cultural excellence in the traditional arts and technical sciences. You can acquire Fluent guidance in philosophy and techniques with        Master Cheng DaShu, MSME, MBA.,Lic.Acup.Dr.

Some Testimonials :

"I feel energized, rejuvenated. My back and leg are much better. I passed my return to duty exam."
Sargent Chris W. 2020 Feb
" It seems that the deeper we get into the tai chi sequence, the more profound the practice becomes.  I am very grateful to have it in my life.
.., let me tell you again how much the tai chi and working with the (*meridian pressures)  are helping me.  I’m feeling better than I have in a long time.  Winter is always hard for people with arthritis, but both the lessons and using the 
(** acupuncture  energy flow) have helped "


 Mary J. N.2021 Jan


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