S Kung Fu Illustration haolin Kung Fu practiced in the traditional Shaolin monastery and the renown Ching Wu WooShu is very intense and lethal. The training encompasses many aspects beyond the physical. Tao Philosophy is taught to you progressively to apply toward everyday living, such that you achieve the inner balance of life. Kung Fu stresses the physical fitness of your body. You gradually build your physique, irrespective of your size, to test to a strength that you think is beyond yourself. Your confidence increases when you begin to know that you are physically and mentally in tune.  CALL  404.488-8383 

Kung Fu Illustration The secret is in correct traditional training with a dedicated and established teacher. Master Cheng has been teaching continuously in U.S.A. since 1972.(View his  credentials) He has been featured in many of the major local newspapers, appeared on TV, and in radio interviews including one with Forrest Sawyer. Together with his brother, he published a book on the Advanced Techniques of Kung Fu that has been distributed in Europe. Periodically, he returns to the monastery for training sojourns and travels widely in China and abroad.

In the tradition of masters, Master Cheng has achieved cross cultural excellence in the traditional arts as well as technical sciences. You can learn directly and fluently from Master Cheng DaShu msme,mba,lic.acup.dr.


*  my first kung fu session was incredible. my legs are mostly sore and aching. i liked the instruction of the people in charge, very nice manners. the uniform really looks cool. everybody was in good spirits and positive attitudes.     2014 H.P.

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