T he T\'ai Chi Association has numerous vacations and training camps available to its members throughout the year. If you are unable to train regularly with Master Cheng here in Atlanta, but would like to become a member to participate in these events, please fill out our on-line membership application.

RECENT Events & up-Coming:

Do our 1 session 45 minutes Introductory QiGong-TaiChi,  Go to:


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*Get  Selected  to Instructor Certification now On-Line programs & in-Person.

** Vacation Training Retreat in Caribbean islands during warm breezy Winter times 

           Celebrate Chinese New Year of the Tiger 2022Feb.1
To commemorate,You are  invited as a member to feast at our yearly New Spring Festival Celebrations !
         Saturday : Noon Lunchtime,( weather restraints )                         Contact  to  Attend



Master Cheng\'s presentation at  Nurses\' Convention 2021 November

*** 2022 Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Convention


                                Email :  Taichiassociation@yahoo.com
                                                         CaLL :    404-488.8383
Some Testimonials :
"I felt quiet, still but energetic. I felt aware of my body\'s fullness, plumpless with chi. Driving
 home the traffic was easy in my calm state. The rest of the evening was productive i
n tackling put off tasks 
but with stillness that was most enjoyable"
Carol W
"I find working in silence makes it much easier to stay in the body and feel the movements. It also makes teh specific mental activity that distracts me from staying focus. I find the class relaxing even though demanding physically. i really enjoyed it"
Bob P
"Practising Tai chi is helping me a lot physically and mentally. I find that my attitude is more positive. i have more patience. My mind is clearer and my focus is sharper. Physically, I have more stamina and i feel lighter. The peace and quiet along with the physical challenge energizes me"
Trevor O
"I love the serenity of mind I have after a session.  I spend all day with my mind racing through a thousand things.Now  I can feel the difference in the effort it takes to perform the motions"
Alex C
"My body is feeling stronger in our sessions.  I can feel my balance improving, and my muscles are remembering the forms better. 
 Emotionally it also helps me feel less anxious. "
Julie S
" I was able to focus on slowing down.  I also found that my breathing started very shallow and as we continued, my breathing was able to get deeper and deeper along with slowing down.  I felt as though my body started to feel extremely relaxed and loose.  I was able to focus better and started to feel a little bit of flow from one position to the next. I can see I have a lot to learn, but I can see a path to follow. "
David D
" I feel energized, empty, light and can keep goin on"
Uli G

"In the tradition of masters"

Please email or call the Association office at (404) 289-5652 for further details and registration information.

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