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 Cool off with SPECIAL Enrollment to New Members,

                       and  returning members.  Call  4044888383

 DO your bit of Green: limit your use of disposable s !

Choose  the best, Learn correctly , not  merely the nearby area.

Look at mstr.Cheng's INTENSE background; and...since 1976{teaching 42years} from Lenox Square officeTowers,devoting training Full -Time at same two proprietary locations!

View  Mstr.Cheng's Tai-Chi page  at this website.

*View photos here ,at Events page;

  scrool  Home  page to join all our  available programs

 *Aquire  your healing qiGong energy in tai-chi!  

in  the  quietness of our  flowing meditation...


Practise with Mstr.Cheng,and know  the  difference!

Train for Real ...perhaps  ,even achieve an instructor Certification


2016 celebrated our 33years OPEN HOUSE at Midway Road location,

and 35years at Roswell Road           Call:4044888383

 Join us,  to do it  correctly  ! 

DISCOVER your inner domain with Mstr Cheng : tune into your wellness,

beyond fitness, & your outlook ! You want to BeHealthy,and BeHappy !   


Viz:          "improved my flexibility.slightly improved eye co-ordination"...Stv L

"..mind,body,and soul,Also I have  achieved a way of basically  defending myself,good  discipline and confidence"   Scot F

" It's awesome to have someone so thoughtful and kind teaching our son.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    thiin in this day and age, it's rare to find someone  ...who really cares.     Thank You !"   Sincerely, J+A  


 We have only two business  locations: same place since 1983. Establised in 1976 at Lenox Square Towers...come back Free ,if you were then with me  :) 


(1) SandySprings / Buckhead : 4651 Roswell Road   (  inside Corporate Commons Office  )

 (2)  Decatur : 3079 Midway Road  @ Memorial Dr. ( adjacent to Hair Salon, across U-Haul /Walmart  )


turned out to be exactly what i wanted  ... that is a great thing  "   C. .Harrel

 Tai-Chi : "Very beneficial, blood pressure down"..P.W. June 2012


 "Intense kungfu class, definitely a lot more  challenging than bootcamp. Can't wait to be  able to last whole  class. Great teacher !"  ..Victoria C. 2011Dec  

  you will know  you  have indeed achieved ,

           When you are successful in master Cheng's tests .... ! 

* Call to join FREE  IN "Visual Chi Meditation" sessions *

 Go to free "Application" to be  selected for  a  special discount program  

        Call 404.488.8383                       to arrange  a  free  visit . 

* Greetings to  earliest members who were with m.Chong at Lenox Square Towers.....Adrian banister,MaryAnn W,Nick Caste,Dav Royall,Trevor Algers,steve thomas,Paul Herbst,ruth massey,  steve thomas,tom harmon,angela stillwell,james dale,robt layson,bruce beldon,grant smith stev marty,darryl diddy,Arthur Lee,Rosemary Tillison,Larry Reardon,Nancy Eason,Phillip Traut,Devareaux Chivington, Bill Bittner,Kevin Gallagher,Susan Rohr,Kevin Alexander,Cathy Coppage.David Finkelstein,jim freeman,eric lee,maryann burgoon,D.Yuhachek..


China Retreats

Caribbean Retreats

"...I was on the liver transplant list for 2 years. Even on powerful medications my liver tests were never consistently normal. I started Tai-Chi in January 2004.And have begun weaning off meds because tests are now returning in normal range ! "  - S.K., Georgia

NEW: Call us for co-ed TAI-CHI / Qi-Gong / Kung-Fu Intensive, early morning boot camps. Whatever your age,  you can participate in any of these events, please fill in your on-line free Enquiry application

Call Tai-Chi-Association  at  (404) 488-8383

for further details and registration information.


"I have achieved from this Tai-Chi retreat a stronger confidence in my physical and mental potentials and capabilities... I am motivated more than ever before to continue the pursuit of the grand ultimate."  - M. M., Florida

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